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Vince D. Weller Speaks Truth With RPGNuke

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Vince D. Weller Speaks Truth With RPGNuke

Interview - posted by Zed on Sat 26 October 2013, 14:36:33

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence; Vince D. Weller

Vince D. Weller, a.k.a. Vault Dweller, a.k.a. VD, discusses Age of Decadence, design, storytelling, Commander Shepard, 'are games art?', and other hot topics in a few-days-old interview with Russian RPG webzine RPGNuke.ru.

Here's Vince on why he's not exploiting his product to the fullest:

One and half year ago you mentioned, that Age of Decadence is probably going to appear on a Kickstarter, but then you’ve totally refused the idea. Can you explain us why? Do you still planning to use crowdfunding in the development of your future games?

You’re mistaken. We’ve never had any plans to go on Kickstarter. I prefer the old-school way of doing thing — prove yourself first, deliver something playable, then ask for money.

Kickstarter is very much the opposite — dream selling and upselling. It’s not about game design, it’s about well-calculated tiers, «stretch» goals, loot bags, asking for a third of what you need, upselling the low tiers, playing the system, and the lack of anything resembling accountability and transparency.

Mind you, I did back a few projects; not because they sold me on their ideas, but because I trusted the studios and wanted to support them in the absence of any other way to do so. Project Eternity, which is my most anticipated RPG at the moment, is a good example of that. They had a vague ‘we’re gonna do something awesome’ pitch and when they got a million bucks in the first 24 hours, they started figuring out what this ‘awesome’ actually might be.

As for AoD, if it sells, we won’t need a Kickstarter campaign. If it doesn’t sell, why go and ask people to fund games that nobody wants to buy?​

Clicky here to read the full interview.

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