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Paradise Cracked Q&A at HomeLAN Fed

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Paradise Cracked Q&A at HomeLAN Fed

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 24 February 2003, 10:45:50

Tags: Paradise Cracked

HomeLAN Fed offers up a most excellent interview with Vitaly Shutov, one of the nice chaps working on Paradise Cracked. Here's part which I found interesting:

HomeLAN - What weapons and items will be featured in the game?

Vitaly Shutov - All weapons are futuristic, of course. The action takes place in distant future, and we decided not to include any present day weapons, as it would affect the atmosphere.

There are about 60 types of weapons in the game, from simple pistols to heavy rocket and grenade-launchers. There are also energy weapons, which do different damage, and you will need special protection to resist it. Different weapons have different calibers, and within one caliber there can be shells of different types. Thus, a rifle can shot standard, improved, explosive, shock, disorienting, incendiary, and sniper shells. Not only shells but weapons themselves differ in accuracy, range, rate of fire, etc..

In addition, there are unique weapons, which ? usually ? belong to unique enemies.

As to additional equipment, there are scanners of different types, med kits, portable video cameras, and special devices, which create protective force-fields around groups of characters.

This is why I love the Russian developers. They're smart enough to know that while it's easy to just toss a bunch of modern, real world weapons in a game to add to the quantity, it's just not a good idea for the setting.

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