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Prince of Qin reviewed at PC Game World

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Prince of Qin reviewed at PC Game World

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 25 February 2003, 10:27:40

Tags: Prince of Qin

PC Game World has coughed up a review of Prince of Qin, which is fairly similar to that other laughable one that basically states that there's not enough action in this 'Diablo clone'. Here's what I mean:

Aside from the graphics, the main problem PoQ faces is though it is billed as an action game, someone forgot to put the action in it. The gameplay is clumsy at times, dull at others. There are a few shining moments, but they are really too rare to do anything but piss you off because there aren?t enough of them.

Where Diablo and Diablo II were hack-and-slash-fests, this game is just a boring journey through what could have been an interesting land. This game offers the party system, and should be Baldur?s Gate meets Diablo but instead of offering the best of both worlds, it offers the mediocre of the two.​

Yeah, damn, I hate when that mediocre questing, setting exploration, and character development gets in the way of all that hack and slashing.

Spotted at VoodooExtreme.

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