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Interview with Chris Avellone at MemoryLeak

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Interview with Chris Avellone at MemoryLeak

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Tue 15 July 2014, 23:37:15

Tags: Chris Avellone; Obsidian Entertainment

Chris Avellone's latest podcast interview is for a site called "MemoryLeak Interviews", which I think is sort of a successor to the now-defunct "The Critical Bit" which we've linked to in the past. He sounds a bit tipsy in this one:

Few people understand the confluence of game systems and narrative like Chris Avellone. Since his start at Interplay in 1995 Chris has been instrumental in the development of many influential RPGs. In this interview Chris and I discuss his recent kickstarter projects, the design process at Obsidian, and the challenges of developing modern RPGs.

The interview is way too all over the place for me to summarize, but I will say that the most interesting parts for me were Chris' descriptions of his work with Brian Fargo (at around 1:35), Brian Mitsoda (at around 38:55) and Feargus Urquhart (at around 45:05). He elegantly avoids saying anything negative about the latter Brian's work on Alpha Protocol. That's our MCA, always tactful.

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