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Best DECKED Gladiator and Seraphim Contest

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Best DECKED Gladiator and Seraphim Contest

Competition - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 10 March 2004, 20:31:30

Tags: Encore Software; Sacred

Since Sacred offers such nice options in clothing and accessories and also has some nice, ph4t l3wt, that's what this contest to win a free copy of the game is about.

Sample Image​

For full details, click here.

This is the Best DECKED Gladiator and Seraphim contest page. The idea is simple. Sacred has a number of different outfits with gobs of nice statistics. So, we want form and functionality here. If you got the form and function, you could win your very own copy of the North American version of Sacred.

The concepts are simple. You must grab the demo for the game. Play the demo, and build a character. Deck that character out with what you find. Then submit a screenshot similar to this:

Sample Image​

Judging will be done by RPGCodex staff, and will be based on the item's statistics as well as how your character looks. There will be one winner selected from the Seraphim group and one selected from the Gladiator group.


  • Entries must be from North America - United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • The screenshot you send in must be a JPEG and no bigger than 500k.
  • The screenshot must be similar to the sample image and include the details of the one item you like the most in it.
  • You can only send in one entry per class. You can't send more than one Seraphim screenshot, but you can send in one Seraphim and one Gladiator.
  • No two DECKS alike. If we get two identical DECKED OUT characters of the same class, with identical items shown with the exact same statistics, the first one will be kept over the newer one.
  • You can't win two copies. If you send in the best screenshot for both, you win one and we'll pick another for the winner of the other copy.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO HACKING YOUR CHARACTERS TO GET COOLER ITEMS. If we even think this occurred, we'll ask for a save game of the thing.
  • Part of the DECKED OUT thing does include weapons but not the horses. I hate horses.

How to take screenshots:

Screenshots can be taken with the PRINTSCREEN key. The screenshot will appear in the Captures directory of your demo folder. Please convert them to JPEG with the specifications listed in the rules. You can use IrfanView to do this, or whatever other software you want to convert the image to JPEG.

Deadlines and dates:

All entries must be in by March 17th, 2004. They should be emailed to Saint_Proverbius with the subject of Best DECKED Gladiator or Seraphim contest. If you just click that link on my name, it should work for you automagically.

The winners will be decided and posted on March 18th, 2004. If all goes well, and I get the addresses of the winners quickly, the prize copies will go out on March 19th, 2004.

Entries so far: View Gallery

The Winners:​

Best DECKED Gladiator:​

Saint_Proverbius: Billy B's gladiator is a nice deck and the action in the screenshot certainly doesn't hurt here. We didn't get any dual club/hammer builds, so it stands out in that regard. I really like the metal over chain look this deck has, with the only problem being the lack of good boots in demo. The use of auras as well as the pose really sets this one apart from the pack.

Exitium: BillyB's gladiator is a fine piece of work. The runners-up are almost as good as this hunk of walking death but as you can clearly see in the screenshot, he'd probably beat the hell out of them with his twin hammers. He strikes a pose as he strikes his enemies, and looks good doing it. I'd pay to see anyone try to go up against this juggernaut.

Vault_Dweller: BillyB's gladiator came late in the competition and proves that last is not the least. The hammers of his are just that awesome and they look good on him too. That's how I picture a gladiator. It doesn't matter what you wear, the only thing that does matter is how quickly you can reduced fully functional opponent to bloody bits and pieces.

Runners up:

Saint_Proverbius: Steven D also used auras in his, which really looks great. I also dig the golden platemail look combined with the use of auras. That club he's showing off is a damned fine club, which doesn't hurt either. 122 maximum damage on that one club alone should spell disaster for anything Steven runs across in the demo, probably before it gets a chance to bleed over that shiny, golden armor!

Exitium: Much like the sun, this gladiator's armor scintillates as brightly as a hero's should. He shines like a beacon of light in the darkest of dungeons. His use of bright auras amalgamated with his golden armor looks good and earns him points for style.

Vault_Dweller: The first runner up is Steven of the Golden Plate. The plate is basically the only thing that sets Steven's character apart but you gotta agree, it's a damn fine piece. Totally mesmerizing. Unfortunately the plate, the very thing that drew our attention to Steven's gladiator, also played against him. In all its awesomeness it looks a bit out of place with all the other more mediocre looking items.

Saint_Proverbius: This guy looks like an armored mole of death with his dual claw and heavy metal armoring over his skill boosting steamed leather. While he didn't use auras like the other two, the zoomed out perspective of the gladiator looking down the road works well for him. It gives him a sense of being a lone wanderer, looking for a better future. He's alone, but he's buff.

Exitium: What's on this warrior's mind? What is his destiny? There are only so many questions you can find yourself asking as he stares off into the distance. Battle-worn and ultimately experienced, this gladiator looks as though he's been through hell and back in his armored hide and looks as if he thirsts for even more battle.

Vault_Dweller: PGriff wins the Meanest Looking in the tough little guy category. While he doesn't look as grand as many other gladiators with auras and shiny items, there is something about the guy that make you give him a second thought. He managed to look dangerous without being too obvious about it.

Best DECKED Seraphim:​

Saint_Proverbius: There's two definite impacting parts to this one, the staff and the pose. While the armor itself is nice with the full greaves and chest strap look about her, that staff stands out. Noth only is it fairly damaging, but it also protects Malak from harm making it useful for offense and defense. The way the avatar embraces the staff with her head down in that shot has a good deal of reverence about it and draws the eye to the staff.

Exitium: This Seraphim is positively radiant. She lights up the competition with her angelic glow and strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who would dare to dispute her stance with her powerful two-handed staff weapon that appears as though it deals a healthy amount of damage. She bows humbly with her head held in reverence towards her duties as a warrior of the light.

Vault_Dweller: Malak easily wins the best seraphim because it’s just that perfect. Everything is great and just right from the items coordination to the bonuses to the mighty staff she''s wielding. The pose though deserves a special praise. I don't know whether or not it was chosen on purpose or by lucky accident, but it works extremely well and fits considering the divine nature of the character.

Runners up:

Saint_Proverbius: Ah, there's something about a seraphim with a long polearm in hand, isn't there? The idle stance for the polearm wielding seraphim stands out from the rest as being both solid in form and function. The small shoulder pads, plated bra and greaves give RH's seraphim a well armored yet mobile look as well. With that sword as a back up weapon as well as a loot finder, this seraphim certainly looks like it has a rewarding future.

Exitium: This Seraph delivers a fatal combination of beauty, mystique and death to the competition. I can only imagine the feelings of dread that would arise from any confrontation with this Seraphic vanguard. She carries her weapon with pride as she exists between the boundaries of light and dark.

Vault_Dweller: RH's seraphim came very close to winning as the most good looking seraphim out there. Nice items set, nice looking polearm, nice pose. Overall the seraphim looks well protected, fast, deadly, and confident.

Saint_Proverbius: This is definitely one where the pose tops everything as Koonitz's seraphim forms the powerful BeeFeeGee weapon. However, the coppery brass armor, the spiked helmet, and other pieces in her deck fit well together and work in the light of the forming BeeFeeGee. When not using that ability, Koonitz's seraphim should be well off with her socketed, dual edged staff weapon.

Exitium: This mistress of the light casts a radiant glow of righteous might with her powerful BeeFeeGee stance that can take down the stoutest foe in mere seconds. She shines brightly with her strong pose and her matching set of equipment. She boasts a mighty combination of equipment suited for an equally mighty warrior. This Seraph is certainly one to be reckoned with.

Vault_Dweller: Koonitz's seraphim got chosen because his contribution was unusual and definitely stood out. Where everyone else went for "up close and personal" in your face look, he showed us the different kind of beauty. The pose is well chosen and looks perfect.The award for best directing goes to Koonitz.

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