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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Codex Fundraiser is Officially Live

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Codex Fundraiser is Officially Live

Community - posted by Angthoron on Wed 28 January 2015, 00:45:16

Tags: Harebrained Schemes; Shadowrun: Hong Kong


After some unfortunate but necessary delays, it is finally time to officially announce the Codexian Fundraiser for Harebrained Schemes' Studios Shadowrun: Hong Kong! Thanks to HBS, Codex can become a proud supporter of the latest Shadowrun cRPG as well as get the following awesome stuff:

1. A key for Shadowrun: Hong Kong campaign, once available, for anyone that contributes $15 or higher to the fundraiser.
2. 5 Codex-specific Shadowlands BBS entries in-game, with Codex being able to design said entries ourselves (within reason/setting boundaries, of course).
3. A nod to the Codex in the BBS in the upcoming Shadowrun novel.
4. Collectible figurines
(for a Codexian raffle or some such)
5. An official Synth-leather Messenger Bag (again, for a raffle or something similar)
6. Consultation with Jordan Weisman: Our staff (or some lucky, non-demented person) will have a chance to have a 2-hour conversation with Jordan Weisman, either in person in Seattle, or by Skype, on any number of relevant topics like game design, systems like Battletech, Shadowrun and Golem Arcana and so on.
7. Obvious credits entry, if there's a KS backer credit crawl.
8. A sense of smug superiority over other RPG websites that couldn't be arsed arranging fundraisers. Unless we can't collect the money, in which case it's like losing in a pissing contest where the competition never showed up. And ruining those pants.

This is a pretty awesome offer, and all we need is collect $3000+ for the team. For an affluent and active community like the Codex, this should be a pretty easy goal to reach (and top).

Cool Codexian Dollars are accepted HERE.

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Blackthorne needs a kidney

TARGET: $5,000 USD

RAISED: $1,868.15 USD (37%)

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