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So long, farewell, Pawel Kaczarewski

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So long, farewell, Pawel Kaczarewski

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 9 February 2015, 11:21:19

Tags: Death; SuicideBunny

Death. It comes for us all. Some sooner than others. Such was the case with SuicideBunny, a beloved moderator here at the RPG Codex.

On January 19, one of our more dedicated mods had an unexpected ruptured aortic aneurysm and subsequently died.

And now, SuicideBunny is no longer with us.

He was a perfect fit for the Codex, willing to engage in lively discussion on a range of topics, mostly jRGs, and so the daunting task of fighting for incline in jRPGs and MMOs were left to him. It's a job that doesn't always grant praise from the locals, yet Bunny had many brofists to his name, and there is no question that his work was valued.

A member since 2007, it's appropriate that his last post was dedicated to slamming the shittiness of modern game design:
The level design was okay but the problem was there was no point to exploration. Aside from half a dozen or so dev mods/weapons all the loot was random and everything was level scaled.
the biggest reason why there was no point to exploration in dead island wasn't so much the randomization and level scaling as the fact that it was essentially a railroaded game with a fuckton of invisible walls in locations that you could get to but weren't supposed to yet, like the roof of the gas station at the beginning. it was like a shitty linear dysfunctional imitation of open world by people who don't really understand the idea, but try to implement it anyways.

His first post was answering a question about How to find some sane people among pnp role-players? While his most fisted post was fittingly a great newspost on Codex darling UnderRail.

At age 35, it was way too early to go, and our thoughts go out to whomever this affects beyond the walls of the Codex.

We have discussed giving a last nod to SuicideBunny and what he has meant for this site, by inserting a memorial in a few, select Kickstarted games that the Codex has an influence on. We'll work something out shortly.

As a final word, here are a few examples of a stand-up moderator on the job:

There's no question in our minds that SuicideBunny was a fucking bro. See you when we too run out of words. :salute:

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