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Seven Dragon Saga Kickstarter is LIVE

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Seven Dragon Saga Kickstarter is LIVE

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 11 March 2015, 22:29:48

Tags: David Klein; David Shelley; Edwin McRae; Paul Murray; Seven Dragon Saga; Tactical Simulations Interactive

A few hours later than expected due to technical issues, the Seven Dragon Saga Kickstarter campaign from Tactical Simulations Interactive has gone live. Here's the pitch video (which includes gameplay footage!) and an excerpt from the fairly detailed pitch text:

Character Design

You get to choose race, class, specialty, and can customize even further as you create your team of six player characters. And once forged, you have complete control of your party's actions and development throughout the game. At certain times, you will be able to opt to have an NPC join the party in addition to your core six characters, but your party design will always remain fundamentally yours.

Core Gameplay

The party moves through the regions in real time, switching to turn-based combat during encounters. Core gameplay revolves around turn-based tactical combat, quests and navigating factional politics.

The Chaos Touched

The Touched are forces to be reckoned with, both personally and politically. They have been recruited from all corners of the Empire, provided with equipment and training, and a mandate from the Emperor to be his elite troubleshooters. Touched by 'the winds of chaos', these individuals are as feared for their unpredictability as they are respected for their power and status.

The Use of Power.

As representatives of the Emperor, your party of adventurers has significant power within the Empire. It's up to you to choose how you wield that power, how you shape the world, encouraging order and peace or exacerbating the forces of disruption.
  • Goals. At creation, the you select a Goal for each character. When resolving quests, you will often be presented with difficult choices. If your choice aligns with one or more character Goals, then those characters receive a bonus that improves them in some significant way. While no character will ever leave a party if their Goal isn't met, they will be slightly weaker. It's up to you to decide if you want your characters to have uniform Goals or a mixture of Goals. Uniform goals lead to bonuses for all from some types of quests yet absolutely none from others. Mixed goals can produce a wider range of bonuses from a broader selection of quests. It's up to you how you wish to manage this precarious balance.
  • Borderlands. Some territories remain unclaimed and languish under the control of monsters, bandits, or hostile humanoids. If you are able to clear such regions, you will have the opportunity to plant the flag of one faction or another – or perhaps your own – granting the recipient faction greater power and resources. Once conquered, Borderlands become Frontier and a town or trading post will appear, giving you another place in which to buy, sell and quest. Through questing you can go one step further and make the region Settled, therefore providing the associated faction with further benefits. A neglected Frontier will fall back into Borderland status and be lost to the faction.
  • Left to Sleep. Within the ruins that dot the landscape, beings and artifacts lie silent and waiting. Some are powerful tools, others are self-aware entities with their own agendas. Should you awaken them, leave them be, or seek their destruction? Your choice. Your consequences.

The campaign's funding goal is $450,000, and I'm happy to report that it repeats few of the Underworld Ascendant campaign's foibles, although there is an exclusive item for Shroud of the Avatar backers (the only exclusive item, actually). A minimum pledge of $25 will get you a copy of Seven Dragon Saga if the campaign succeeds, but I'm afraid they won't make it if it doesn't get a lot more media coverage fast.

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