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Paradise Cracked Preview at 3DGamers

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Paradise Cracked Preview at 3DGamers

Preview - posted by Mistress on Mon 10 March 2003, 17:19:07

Tags: Paradise Cracked

3DGamers have posted a preview of MiST land's upcoming title, Paradise Cracked.

The interface for the game is a good experience. I used the mouse to control the game almost exclusively, but it works just as well with the keyboard. Positioning of the functions in the interface is tolerable, clumsy at times, but there is no need to be quick with the action. There would be a few small position changes I would make to make it flow better, but other then that, it is very usable. It may look and feel different in the final release. If there is one most important interface item in the game, it's the journal. Make sure to watch for the flashing envelope in the bottom right hand corner. That will indicate when there is a new journal entry that you should take a look at. Read the journal and database for information that is very important for the play of the game. Study all the info in the journal because it is a vital part of play. Also contained in the journal is the map section. It will help guide you to the locations you will need to find. I have found that if you complete some of the tasks set forth in the Journal, then you will gain experience and points. Once you get a few tasks complete, the game starts to progress along very nicely. It is a *real* strategy game. You really need to think about the moves before you make them.​

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