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NWN 1.29 patch released

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NWN 1.29 patch released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 12 March 2003, 01:11:35

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

The 1.29 patch for Neverwinter Nights has now been officially released. Here's a clip from the full list of fixes, just the game section:

  • Fixed an issue with NPCs "warping" around on the client screen
  • Added support for 5.1 and 7.1 speakers settings in the sound panel
  • Fixed Stoneskin limit, so that its now reduced by the correct amount if you take more than the maximum absorbed damage from a hit.
  • Active item properties should be properly useable on items bought from stores and split from piles. This fixes the "can't use purchased item in inventory" issue.
  • Fixed logging out with a placeable container open causing the container to be permanently stuck open.
  • Added more informative user feedback on why their new server vault character was rejected.
  • Fixed NPCs attacking DMs.
  • PCs can no longer pick the DMs pocket. =P
  • Fixed potions/scrolls not working and breaking your game if you set the starting hour/year to zero in module properties.
  • Tags are now being properly enforced to their 32 character limit.
  • Fixed a bug where game rooms would show up twice when you hit cancel on direct connect panel.
  • Fixed an art bug with filter list on internet page and tweaked chat page also.
  • Fixed the "Release From Domination" icon.

Don't you just hate it when zombies attack the DM in P&P?

Thanks to Darkness40k for the heads up!

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