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RPG Codex Top Non-RPG PC Games RESULTS!

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RPG Codex Top Non-RPG PC Games RESULTS!

Community - posted by felipepepe on Sat 4 April 2020, 05:44:55

Who's ready for some sweet nostalgia?

The results for our RPG Codex's Top Non-RPG PC games voting are out!

We had 203 codexers voting on 1,092 different games! It's a small number of people for such large number of entries, so I kept only the Top 200 visible on the result sheet visible, as bellow that games have 10 points or less, so 2 votes could already rank it.

Getting started, here's the RPG Codex's Top 50 Non-RPG PC games:


You can see the full list and a lot more info here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wV-3YPf_8PZz87mdvFTFphQi_afNJQHiNMwZACsn5ww/edit?usp=sharing


Top Years

Doing some analysis, here's the Top 200 by year:


Was the late 90s the best time for PC gamers, or it's just that Codexers are mostly around 30 years old? DISCUSS!

Top Genres

Going into genres, FPS were by far the most popular, with 34 games on the Top 200, followed by RTS (24 games) and Sim games in general (22 games). Diving by genre was tough, as games like Pirates!, GTA and Jedi Outcast are extremely hard to categorize, so I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on this. You can open the sheet and view by genre if you want.

Crossing years & genres, we get some sad graphics:


Top Developers

Dividing by developer, Lucasarts and Microprose, two fallen giants, split the throne with 10 games in the Top 200 each. Ubisoft's many studios have 9 games, while Paradox, Valve and Westwood Studios had 6 games each.

Considering that Sid Meier was a co-founder in both MicroProse and Firaxis, the man was involved in 15 of the Top 200 games, with 8 of those being in the Top 50! Step aside, Chris Avellone!


There's a lot of fun to be had with this data, but I'll stop here because I've already spend the whole week playing with it and I guess people want to see the results.

Hope all you enjoy this, find some new games to play and stay safe! :)

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