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Golden Land - School of Darkness

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Golden Land - School of Darkness

Codex Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 4 June 2003, 09:09:51

Tags: Burut Creative Team; Golden Land

Extract from the Mighty Shepherd's Book of Revelations, ch.11:​

...the human's soul went higher and saw the fire power in seven forms. First form is the darkness; second is the lust; third is the ignorance; fourth is the deadly jealousy; fifth is the reign of flesh; sixth is the slyness of flesh; seventh is the rageful wisdom. This is the seven rules of anger which form Lord of the Night's essence. Grodval asks the Darkness:

- Where did you came from, people killer? Where do you go, absorber of the spaces?

The Darkness answered, and said:
- What catches me is killed; what entangles me is destroyed; my lust came to is end, and ignoration had died. I am destined to born again among the snows of the Northern land. And that's the only reason why I'll give my powers to you - to show the power of the Night Song to people. You, you'll be dead soon, and crows will peck your eyes out...

The School of Darkness​

The ignorance is offensive to Gods. One of the greatect children of Swarog - Chernobog - was defeated in the battle and buried under the icebergs at the northern side of the world in the beginning of times. Having ice-bound, but having a still alive physical incarnation, Chernobog, nevertheless, have been in the divine spheres among other Children. His talk with Grodval symbolized the beginning of new school - School of Darkness.

The power of Lord of the Night is tremendous, but using these spells makes the soul black, giving it up to the Cruel Master. Killing the human beings with magic of Darkness lays the soul to Darkness, because every appeal to Chernobog is like sacrifice which makes the Lord stronger. In spite of all properties of this school, it was necessary to create it, because the system of Pact is not able to exist without the balance. The School of Darkness, that way, is opposite to the School of Light. Only that way the Pact got its real power. "Moreover," - thought Grodval, - "people, anyway, can plunge their souls into eternal flame, if they want to - with or without magic...

Below there are some examples of the spells from the magic school of Darkness:

Mirror of Pain - the anger of the face reflected in the mirror poisons the victim's blood, killing it slowly.

Death Breath - The spell of general effect. It weakens the victim, lowers the accuracy and makes it more sensitive to the hits.

Power of Darkness - this awful spell can kill anybody, if the magician has enough skills to use it in right way. If it doesn't kill - it makes no damage at all.

Thanks to Dmitry Glaznev, script-writer of Golden Land for taking the time to write this and the others!

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