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Golden Land Zoology 6 - Doctor Bug

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Golden Land Zoology 6 - Doctor Bug

Codex Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 27 August 2003, 12:03:29

Tags: Burut Creative Team; Golden Land

Doctor Bug. The essence of creatures​

Desert settlers

I had got some information, and now I begin the description of the creatures that live in Marvia. This research exceeds the limits of my previous work, "Forest Settlers", and begins new series of works, named "Doctor Bug. The essence of creatures".

As far as you know, Marvia is the desert land, because most of its part is the desert; of course, one can say that there are jungle and grassy hills in Marvia, but the modern science (in the person of mine) says that Marvia is deserted. We'll start from the description of inhabitants of this unfavorable place. From the dangers which wait for trespasser here, I can name carnivorous dragonflies and serpents. Also, golden bulls and Marvan dragons live in the deserts.


Marvian dragonflies are overgrown insects. The reason of such height is, evidently, the scorching sun. The dragonflies attack people very seldom, but even it that has happened, don't be afraid - they are not very strong enemies. The dragonfly sees thousands of different pictures through her eyes, that's why she is not able to make an accurate hit. The best defence from the dragonfly is the common mirror. Put the mirror in that way that the reflected light will dazzle the insect and it will go away. You can use the flashlight at night. The dragonflies eat rodents and small insects. But, during the gorge, the dragonfly can encroach on the big fowl, like the sheep.

Desert serpent​

As all desert settlers, this creature is very big. The serpent is poisonous and quite dangerous. It eats haematherms, so it can use the human as a food, too. The desert serpents live in the holes which they dig by themselves. In hot days the serpent hides in the hole and sleeps there, curled up. But, during the digestion the snake prefers to sleep in sunlight, and that's when she is open to injury. The meat of the serpent is not tasty and is even harmful to the human. Marvian hunters kill serpents only for their poison glands, which are being often used by the sorcerers.

Golden bull

The golden bull differs from usual one by his strength and impossible power of endurance. These bulls can survive without any food or water for some weeks. They have their name because of their beautiful skin. The costumes and dresses made of the golden bull's leather are the permanent attributes of Marvian aristocracy. That's what these beautiful animals suffer from. Hundreds of hunters search for the golden bulls in the desert, and their livestock decreases every year. That's why one can rarely meet the proudly walking golden bull nowadays. I want to ask, on behalf of entire science world, somebody who will meet the golden bull - please, don't kill him, just stay on distance.

Marvian Dragon

Marvian dragons are small in comparison with their Turbernian congeners. They live in the mountain caves, and it's hard to meet them at the plains. They lived in Turbern, but were forced out by the bigger ones and created the new type - Marvian. But, even though they are small, they make the commoners tremble. The peasants worship the dragons and are trying to please them, bringing sweets and furnishings to the entrances of the caves. But, I think that, even having the magic basis, the dragons don't eat the usual food and are satisfied with the good relationship. The attacks of the dragons are very rare.

Thanks to Dmitry Glaznev, script-writer of Golden Land for giving us another excellent look at the fanged nasties of the setting!

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