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  • Happy Birthdays Bli-&-bye.

    I had a gift and a well wish
    all lined up
    but Science denying truckers blockaded
    even stole my rhymes

    Whatever became of it, I do no know .

    So once again: Happy Birthdays !
    Awww, so sweet of you to remember me.
    And how disappointing of me to not even log in and notice. Sad.
    I missed your March 1st Birthday well wishing again.
    This time was due to COVID lockdown restrictions.
    And dark forces too.
    You'll notice the length of conspiracy intended to make me look bad. But we wont let them win now will we?
    I fought tooth and nail for 24 days and I made it!

    Happy Birthday, Blee!
    Happy Birthday, Bliblablubb. For the Earth (Today) and the Wonderful Codex ( the 1st).
    Awwww you remembered... I knew you cared! :hug:
    Wild Slop
    Wild Slop
    I remembered last year too but that rascal Global Warming delayed my message.
    Happy Birthday, Biblablubb.

    This message wont make it to you on time due to Global Warming. With a bit of luck its light will meet your eye before it's too late.

    Let neither Global Warming nor Time stand in the way in enjoying life.

    Percy Mondegreen told me to tell you that "Jubal's Skipping Stone now lies in a Flat Meadow", he said you'd know what that means.
    Happy Birthday, Bliblablubb.
    Awww thank you, how thoughful of you. Where are my presents?!!!! Ironically my real birthday is on saturday. I expect you to return then and bring many cakes.
    BTW: strangely the board doesn't tell me when YOU approve of my skillfully crafted postings. I only found out you gave me a bunch of toilet paper by checking how my favorite stalker is doing. You are a sneaky one.
    Wild Slop
    Wild Slop
    At first I put my message here for now other reason than it was the 29th of Feb.
    ...what a delight when I saw that it really was true!

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