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  • Dude youre fucking 29yo. Look me in the eye and say that you prefer Tomb Raider 1 to Anniversary and its not cringe virtue signalling

    You make an asinine statement like this and then expect support. Yeah, anniversary has easier & more accessible controls and looks nicer sure, but did you even bother reading the fckn opening statement of the post? And yeah, 29? So? That means I cannot have preferences!
    your age means I seriously doubt you've ever played TR1 in the first place, the game is as old as you
    I live in third world. Tech took time to catch up.
    First to what?
    Fck your mom?
    Fck your friend's mom?
    Fck your sister's mom?
    Fck your mom's mom?
    Fck your dad's mom?
    Fck your uncle's mom?
    Fck your mom's daughter's mom?
    Fck your mom's daughter's daughter's mom?

    You are sick man fantadoormat!
    But in all those cases above you were second.
    I guess being first in my pitiful profile is all you could manage eh~!
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