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  • Stavrophore
    Non political articles like about iron or cloth making are actually quite good. The guy surely love to read himself, he is very verbose -it's the literacy journey that matter for him, not the goal.
    Dr Schultz
    I am a fan of Paradox, but up until now I was able to gather enough time to play only one of their game: CK 2.

    I'm planning to move to CK 3 as soon as there are enough expansions out.
    Heroic Liberator
    Heroic Liberator
    I'm quite optimistic about CK3's future. The foundations laid on release were solid and I am personally looking forward to the overhaul of the cultural system in the coming first expansion (and the new court mechanics to a lesser degree too).
    Dr Schultz
    LOL, seriously, man?
    How old are you? Five?

    Nah, I'm giving you too much credit.
    I was smarter then this at 3 :D
    Acting smug about being smart, and then using "then" instead of "than" is pretty cringe, bro.
    Dr Schultz
    Yes, man: A typo writing from a cell surely invalidates my point.

    The problem here, my friend, is that I'm not acting. At 3 I was smarter THAN this for real ;).
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