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Recent content by Kashmir Slippers

  1. Europa Universalis IV

    If I was interested on taking advantage of the Steam sale going on right now, which DLC would you guys suggest I get to get the most out of the game? Are any of them optional like in CK2, or do you think I should wait until next year or something to see if some of them become cheaper? Edit: And...
  2. In Progress Let's See the World Die. Dominions 4.

    It is a shame that you don't have an awesomely face-melting super spell to match with your four-man-one-god circle. This makes my feeble attempts at playing against easy AI embarrassing.
  3. In Progress Let's Play Cataclysm DDA - Absalom's Great Adventure

    So where are you keeping all the loot?
  4. In Progress Let's See the World Die. Dominions 4.

    Just played a couple of turns against AI and... oh my what am I doing?
  5. In Progress Let's See the World Die. Dominions 4.

    The game is 75% off on steam today, if anyone else is interested.
  6. In Progress Let's See the World Die. Dominions 4.

    There is just something special about picturing a lone shadowy rider sneaking through the enemy countryside preaching the word of a God of Death as everyone ages unnaturally. Good show.
  7. In Progress Let's See the World Die. Dominions 4.

    I have one last question for now. What is the point of casting Burden of Time? It is your be all end all, but I don't know what you have to gain exactly. Are you just trying to kill everyone else off because all of your people are dying anyway, so it will even the playing field, or does Helheim...
  8. In Progress Let's See the World Die. Dominions 4.

    So... Do you have to hire new researchers every turn to keep in the green? Is that where your gold is going? How are the other civs able to have such large armies and be relatively close to you in research?
  9. Vapourware Let's play KSP (for the 4th time): KSP is a RPG edition

    Didn't die. Awesome. This looks much more brutal than previous LPs.

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