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  • Norfleet
    Those instructions are incomprehensible to me here on Ye Olde Windoze and my understanding is that trying to play AOW in this manner cripples the combat system anyway. I wish annoying narcissists on Youtube could just write the directions down like a normal person instead of being in love with the sound of their own annoying voices.
    I beckon you to choose another avatar.
    Pride in an old man is very strong.
    I can choose an avatar? Last I checked, that option was not available here, so I just haven't bothered.
    I can't believe JM has been here under my nose this whole time.
    Tick Tock Crocodile
    All I ever did was lurk moar, so you don't know me, but I'm sure you like me.
    So what made you find out?
    Tick Tock Crocodile
    Finally checked the TS4 thread again.
    I will add more info about farming, if you want.
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