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  • "We should organize a reunion. Someone go over to Codex and bitch slap Twinks. Go for it Akratus."

    I've had 5 beers but I'm pretty sure you're the perosn I'm looking for. If so go post in the order. Or don't. No biggie.
    Severian Silk
    Who bitch this is?
    I always confuse you for SuicideBunny because of your nickname. That means you're probably going to die soon.

    p.s. the name is from Longmont Potion Castle.
    Congratulations! You are eligible for an original 1989 copy of Wasteland. Contact me via conversation to let me know whether you want a GOG key, Steam key or don't want / need one at all (remember, you can take it and use it as a gift because what the fuck are we going to do with them all?).
    you should have more stalkers bro why don't you have more stalkers and followers

    also make more cool drawings pl0x
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