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  1. Johhny

    ITT I'm Doing a Blind Playthrough of Battlespire

    I picked up this game knowing absolutely nothing about it other than it being an obscure title for the series. I'm currently on chapter 5 and I'd say it earns its forgotten status, it isn't a very well made game. It has almost every flaw Daggerfall has, from weird melee combat, both you and the...
  2. Moonrise

    Modding TES Arena (and Battlespire?)

    After 25 years, Arena now has a mod in earnest--something more substantial than UI tweaks. I've been poking around in the dark, and this is the first fruit worth sharing. Description from the Nexus: Shrouded Past is an alternate start mod for The Elder Scrolls: Arena. It's designed to provide a...
  3. HarveyBirdman

    TES Lore Thread

    The Codex does not have a thread dedicated to TES lore. I'm extremely disappointed, legitimately shocked, and frankly saddened that nobody here has thought to discuss TES lore in depth. Why disappointed? Because quality discussion has a home here, and this particular quality discussion has not...

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