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isometric is king

  1. cyborgboy95

    Sector Unknown - A Story-Rich, Isometric RPG Set in A Shadowy Expanse of Space

    https://www.creativestormentertainment.com ABOUT THIS GAME
  2. Latro

    Incline Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion - Wuxia Pixelated Isometric Open-World Sandbox RPG with Turn-Based Combat

    If you liked Tales of Wuxia and wanted more of that without the minigame grind you’ll probably love this. Pretty addicting game leaving EA in about two weeks Jinn You’ll like it.
  3. cyborgboy95

    Indie Passageway of the Ancients - Baldur's Gate-Like RPG with Dual-Persona Character Development

  4. Tyranicon

    Indie Vampire Syndicate: Gangs of MoonFall - Semi-Isometric Cyberpunk Vampire RPG

    As promised, here’s my next overly-ambitious RPG project as I’m starting to finish up my current game. Posting this on the Codex first, as I shitpost here enough and would like to gather some prestigious opinions. This is all conceptual/prototype stage, so expect some roughness. Here’s the...
  5. Lilura

    Vapourware RPGs that can legitimately be called masterpieces

    This post caused me to create this topic. In that topic, people were saying that third-rate RPGs were "perfect", which is ridiculous. I don't even think Jagged Alliance 2 is perfect. Masterpiece: A work of outstanding skill, mastery or workmanship. Note how it says "a work". In other words, it...

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