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  1. Cryomancer

    Why so many TB RPG's have ultra slow animations and braindead AI?

    This problems aren't that bad in Rt/RtWP games, but when you have 666 mobs in the screen, waiting each one of them to do the same 5 second animation or to walk into the obvious deathzone is silly and uninteresting. This problems aren't as noticiable in RtWP games. And before someone calls me a...
  2. Darth Canoli

    Gold Box Knights of the Chalice 2 classes shit all over Kingmaker's mess

    After replaying Kingmaker and trying to make some good mercenaries, I noticed martial classes don't offer much interesting mechanism and after realizing this, I also realized casters were also way more interesting in KotC 2. Martial classes Fighter as the perfect killing machine, Kingmaker's...
  3. Darth Canoli

    Incline KotC 2 Module: Hearkenwold

    After the short module from felipepe (Cragmaw Castle, also available on Nexus), here's the first full fledged module on the KotC 2 engine (official website/database), Hearkenwold, by Dorateen I didn't take any screenshot so i'll just post Dorateen's screens from the Nexus page. I played the...
  4. Cryomancer

    The differences of Sorcerers, Warlocks & Wizards on KoTC2 and 3rd edition.

    The BG3 topic got derailed(again) and people are asking about arcane magic on KoTC2. The main difference of casters in KoTC 2 general and 3rd Edition is that casters cast spells like Spontaneous casters. As Pink Eye said : Many people ask "but what about Sorcerers and Warlocks"? They are...

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