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  1. S.torch

    Pathfinder Pathfinder: WoTR - What the heck happened to female characters in this game?

    There are several problems with the writing of the game that I can tolerate or even defend, because it is enjoyable despite everything, however there is one exception that I can't overlook. The only really good companions in this game are Regill, Lann, Ulbrig, Woljif and Daeran... What's the...
  2. Dedicated_Dark

    Anime Haven: Girlfriend simulator for emo boys

    https://www.thegamebakers.com/haven/ https://af.gog.com/game/haven?as=1649904300 [/spoiler]
  3. Moonrise

    Ring of the Ruby Dragon, first in the HeartQuest series

    Back in the 80s TSR decided they wanted girls playing D&D, so they published a spin-off of the Endless Quest series, HeartQuest, with an emphasis on romance in addition to the adventure. I managed to get my hands on the first four. Apparently books 5 and 6 are very rare. And for the first four...
  4. Request

    Give me good weeaboo game with kissing girls and good graphic. Only serious propositions.
  5. luj1

    Decline Second-tier gameplay features in neo-RPGs

    Let me start by what I consider primary features in a story-driven RPG, things which could always use more work, developing or deepening the plot core system design writing standard (such as editing passes etc.) improving core gameplay quest design adding more of everything (like Fallout 2...
  6. King Crispy

    Why do you play RPG's? No, really, why?

    About the only thing we here at Codex can agree upon is that RPG's do exist, even if we'll never actually be able to define what they are. But there's some reason why most of us can't or won't ever give them up. What is it about them that keeps drawing you back to them like a retarded...
  7. e-mailio estevez

    Bard's Tale The Best Romhacks?

    Hey fellas! :shittydog: Been having some fun with emulators lately. Other than a few translation patches here and there, I realized that I haven't explored much in the way of romhacks. Unfortunately, it's hard to separate the worthwhile ones from thrown-together graphical mods that make Mario...
  8. Expon

    Dragon Age producer is polling players on Dragon Age Tactics

    from ign
  9. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Maker

    I was browsing steam today and I discover this game, it was release yesterday. http://store.steampowered.com/app/397720/ The game is free to play, with the option to buy the "full" edition for $10. But is japanese :troll:
  10. LESS T_T

    Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pre-Release Thread

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/larianstudios/divinity-original-sin-2 Vote for the Chris Avellone Stretch Goal: http://larian.uservoice.com/forums/313815-kickstarter-pledge-rewards/suggestions/9290247-stretch-goal-chris-avellone Leaked before official announcement...

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