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  1. cyborgboy95

    Fallout Recommend me some post-apocalypse setting (post-nuclear war) that take place outside of America, Russia, and Australia.

    I always find it strange that all the post-apocalyptic crpgs I know sets in the 3 countries in the title above and not anywhere else. Would appreciate it if anyone can point me to a game, book, movie, tabletop's post-apocalyptic settings in the vein of Mad Max and Fallout that takes place in...
  2. rusty_shackleford

    Fallout I hate the Desert Rangers becoming NCR lapdogs.

    In Fallout New Vegas the rangers feel like nothing more than political attack dogs doing the work of the NCR. Why am I not also mentioning Fallout 2 here as well? I have a good reason, read on. It's impossible to disentangle the Rangers in Fallout from the Rangers in Wasteland. They are...
  3. JanKrapivin

    Wasteland Mistakes in Wasteland 1

    Hello! I have started playing Wasteland 1 (from GOG) and find this game very hard in many aspects, though i like it very much. Probably i have a wrong mindset spoiled with a modern ("gamer-friendly") games. I often can't find where to go and how to interact with NPC and objects. I spent an hour...
  4. SharkClub

    Wasteland So I just beat Fountain of Dreams

    I don't truly know why I chose to put myself through that, perhaps it was completionism after playing the WL1 Remaster & WL2 DC again recently (guess I'm playing WL3 soon). It wasn't terrible unplayable garbage like every review that exists of it says, but it is high on the difficulty scale and...
  5. luj1

    Is inXile better than Fagsidian? Do they make better games? Is WL2 less brain damaging than PoE?

    For me they are both different shades of shit, however, speaking with absolute honesty, I do feel WL2 turned out somewhat better than Pirates of Eternity , maybe just for a notch or two but w/e Even though combat in WL2 is more or less equally boring, the game didn't feature such a horrid...
  6. Atomboy

    KickStarter ATOM RPG - Wasteland Soviet style! - now with Dead City update

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/atomrpg/atom-rpg Steam Greenlight: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=772451440 https://atomrpg.com https://af.gog.com/game/atom_rpg_postapocalyptic_indie_game?as=1649904300 Cheers![/spoiler]
  7. Bruma Hobo

    Incline Games like Ultima 3?

    Can you recommend some party-based games with soft permadeath (like Wizardry and Ultima 3) and nice open world exploration and NPC interaction? Bonus points if they're not blobbers. I don't like to lose all my progress after a TPK, so games with an optional ironman mode are not enough (also...

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