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  1. ADL

    Incline World of Warcraft Classic+ server megathread (Season of Discovery begins February 8th)

  2. J1M

    World of Warcraft: Dragon Desperation

    The multi-dollar company Blizzard did a sloppy update to their website and leaked the name of the Dragonflight expansion they planned to announce in a couple of weeks. The team must be desperate. The artists appear to have rediscovered cleavage after spending two years removing it everywhere...
  3. Cryomancer

    No game brought more decline than WoW. Change my mind!!

    Some people blame consoles, and is undeniable that consoles brought decline to SP RPG's, however, WoW brought decline to RPG'S IN GENERAL. Tabletop, SP and MP. Thanks to wow, people see RPG's as gear farming, cooldown managing games. What WoW brought to the RPG market? Normalization of...
  4. Cryomancer

    Decline DiD WoW ruined MMOS?

    Recently, i decided to re play an mmo that i could't play during my childhood due awful internet connection. Only played an little and an at lv 25 at moment but mu online is completely different than other mmos. For eg > No cooldowns, even the teleport skill for Dark Wizard has an casting...
  5. Gregz

    Incline Opening on September 29th - A Quality Private Wrath of The Lich King WoW Server

    This should be a very well maintained server based on Gamer-District's history. All progression rates are 1X and scripting will be as Blizzlike as possible. The content will develop from early WOTLK to late according to a scheduled progression (shown below). This is a big event in the WoW...
  6. Ocelot

    Elder Scrolls Skyrim: A hidden gem?

    So I just got around to play this game and it's completely mind-blowing. It's versatility and depth is immense because everything develops organically, from your stats and skill builds to the world itself. The story is unique and flows like water. You can turn the game into a sandbox and...
  7. GarfunkeL

    Crispy™ Vanilla WoW emulation

    I'm making a new thread since the old one is cluttered with outdated information. As of 23rd November 2016, the situation is as outlined below. Vanilla WoW servers available right now: Twinstars (CZ business making money out of people) runs Kronos 1 and Kronos 2. Both are 1x rates though K1...

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