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Review Academagia - The Making of Mages Review


May 8, 2003
Lightknight said:
Princess Maker has some action in it.

less than dragon age franchise though

Lord Chambers

Jan 23, 2006
This thread is not useful to me because it has a two paragraph original post (which is a review), and 50% of the posts are about Princess Maker(a different game).


Barely Literate
May 4, 2010
Its a dumb text adventure. I managed to squeeze 2 hours of brain numbing playtime out of it. Most of it waiting for the Turn to finish. And I hoped for some kind of rape.

The only good thing are the extensive character attributes. The bad part is that they don't do shit.

Puppet playing sims with fucking children and their dumb problems. Fucking Hairy Potter.

Interface is clunky and slow! Really slow, 15 seconds waiting after pressing "Next Turn".

You are better of sticking a cheap tooth pick into your urethra than paying! and playing! this pos.


Pointing and laughing.
Dec 12, 2002
About 8 meters beneath sea level.
It's the first Harry Potter simulation meets Spellcasting 101 meets Princess maker. If you're the kind of person that wants to go all Princess Maker on Potter and loves spreadsheets then you'll love this.

What needs to be mentioned is that the devs keep updating the game and keep adding free content adventures, items and the like. Dedication. I like.


Sep 23, 2004
I obtained the game through Impulse where it was recently one of the weekend offers (50% off or so). The game doesn't get everything right I guess, but to me it's a nice and enjoyable time sink.

With the adventures I did not really encounter much bugs ?! The one problem I had, is that the game gets quite slow near the end.

Typically I selected all magic schools to go with the fixed non magic skill for the college you join. Most magic skills, especially Negation and Incantation are very useful for adventures. I also liked the different jobs you could do. These give you money but often skills as well. Note that having lots of money opens options as well like buying your way in the Incantation college (this gives you an option to study and raise your skill in all 4 Incantation skill in one session) or becoming an apprentice.

Can someone explain the benefit of "Research" ? Study and training are clear but where does research fit in ?!


Jan 10, 2007
Searching for my kidnapped sister
Research seems to dug for secret knowledge in library (and elsewhere's) books: pheme, spells, etc... Study and training only get you to certain level. To be top in that field, you need Research.

It's the first Harry Potter simulation meets Spellcasting 101 meets Princess maker.
Gameplay term it's like King of Dragon Pass with skill checks out of your mind.

Late game when you are very good with hundred of skills bigger than zero, the game slow to a crawl because it has to check all those stats.

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