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Anime Age of DICKadence: Codexian Romance CYOA

Discussion in 'Choose Your Own Adventure Land' started by Lithium Flower, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Lithium Flower Arcane

    Lithium Flower
    Nov 29, 2016
    I'm gonna assume its the former.

    All characters are fictional, consenting adults that are above the age of 18.

    You turn away from the womb.

    Are you motivated by cynicism or cowardice? It doesn't matter.

    Using the twisted logic of this place, this world, this everything, you decide to eat your way out.

    You press yourself into the closest membrane, nails raking the pale surface, mouth opened grotesquely. The membrane's consistency is surprisingly meaty and tough, and it squirts a thick red blood everywhere when you finally manage to pierce it. Stringy thinflesh gets stuck between your teeth and there is mounds of the stuff under your nails as a metallic, impossibly bitter taste floods your mouth. You gag and choke on Vin-e's lifeblood. After what seems like an eternity, your jaw is sore and you've bitten and clawed a torso-sized hole in the membrane. Beyond it are slabs of a red, muscle and sinew criss-crossing the fleshwalls like scars on a suicide's wrist, repulsive as well as inevitable, somehow. This must be how you look on the inside, after all.

    Your arms, stained with blood to the elbows, terminating in shaky hands, reach for the hole, grab its edges, and pull violently to enlarge it. You have projectile vomited more than a dozen times so far and, as the membrane gives into your tearing hands with a squelch and what might also be the screaming of young children, you get the feeling that you are not done throwing up for today.

    Suddenly, the pale translucent flesh, now cracked with something like burst veins, pulls back and you find yourself tumbling forward, falling into a vaguely man-shaped orifice in the meatfloor. Muscle contracts around you, warm and soft, pressing against you. You try to scream but flesh presses against your mouth, then your nostrils, and you find that you can breathe naught but the moist surface of the fleshwall before you. Inwardly you panic, pissing and shitting yourself, and the only reason why you are not shaking uncontrollably is because the meat restraining you makes the act impossible. Just as you think that you are about to pass out from a lack of oxygen and your own terror, you find yourself pushed down a slippery tunnel with an obscene squelch, Vin-e's body seemingly contracting all around you. Your entire body feels as if it is on fire as there is much friction and very little space between you and the surrounding walls. You blink hard and you think your right eyelid might be swollen shut since you can't open it anymore.

    You land somewhere wet and dark, the air around you stagnant and bitter like factory exhaust. Your body hurts all over; you think you might have serious friction burns. You begin coughing and weeping simultaneously before noticing that your face feels strangely wet. You reach for it with both hands and try to rub hard to get something out of your right eye and end up feeling strange things...

    A slippery wetness over a surprisingly smooth, hard surface. Something soft dangling from somewhere, resting on a cheekbone below your right eyelid. You squeeze the thing and it bursts, running down your face though you feel nothing but pain there.

    You examine your hands to find a fresh layer of blood, skin, and cartilage on them and that is when you scream senselessly, unable to express your pain and horror in any other way.

    Suddenly, your feet feel wet as a stinking liquid quickly rises up to your ankles. It is very hot, its heat overriding the burning pain of your lower legs. It gets so unbearably hot and uncomfortable that you quickly pull off a shoe from your right foot. To your surprise it comes off easily and in pieces, revealing a bloody foot with cracked skin...which starts to dissolve before your eyes. The nail is the first to go and then the acid eats away at your toes until all that is left of them are bones with darkening edges sticking of a club of flesh that was once your foot.

    Screaming once again - this time your outburst terminates in a croak as you tear your vocal cords - you trip and as you try to get back up you find that you have no feet to stand on.

    The scalding sensation is now all over your hands, your torso, your groin as your body slowly dissolves in Vin-e's stomach acid. The flesh around you groans like a dying animal and suddenly a soft and foul mass falls from above, getting in your face and mouth, making it hard to breathe, blinding you, and all you can taste is shit...

    The second load comes crashing on top of the first, pressing you into the soft wetness below until you find yourself falling once again.

    There is tightness and burning and falling again and again. Then cold water, a strong current taking you somewhere as you slowly drown. Yet drowning is not what kills you.

    You are little more than a barely-conscious head and torso by the time you wash up somewhere. Unfortunately, the piercing cold assaults your broken body, snapping you out of your delirious state and your agony is once again brought to the forefront of your mind. It is not long before you hear the scurrying of something approach from all directions. You smell wet fur...


    Vin-e awoke with his ass resting on the cold surface of the toilet seat.

    "I oughta drink less..." he sighed, rubbing his eyes. He could not remember much of last...night? Day? Whenever, except for making love to Lurker Kang.

    After pulling up his pants Vin-e opened the bathroom door. He called for Lurker Kang but received no response.

    A bitterness welled up inside him. Did Lurker Kang have second thoughts and leave him? Did they part on ugly terms, which is why Vin-e took to drink? Vin-e felt a great, nameless sadness, like something horrible had happened without really knowing what or why.

    For the first time since waking up he looked back at the toilet bowl and found it full with his own waste.

    He flushed the toilet, unable to hear the teeny, pleading croaks coming from its depths.


    >>You refused to seize life by the horns and choose your future and were shat out of your lover's body and into the sewer were you belong as a result of your lack of faith or whatever.

    >>>Notes: "Good," depending on one's interpretation, endings involved 1. a life of conjugal felicity with Vin-e 2. ascension to Godhood by sacrificing Vin-e, with three variations depending on what kind of God you decide to be (benevolent, apathetic, enthropic.) All 3x endings are fail states, of which there were two for every set of choices.

    Alright I'm done with this garbage. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

    Remember to keep a part of me with you so that we may never truly part.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2017
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  2. Nutria Savant

    Mar 12, 2017
    Well at least this doesn't end with me failing the one final skill check because I never put any points into crafting. I mean, I know it says in character creation that a loremaster is supposed to have crafting skill, but it never actually comes up in the game until the very end. I'd rather get flushed down a toilet than that.
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