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Age of Wonders - Community Content Pack

Discussion in 'Strategy and Simulation' started by Kaucukovnik, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. SCO Arcane In My Safe Space

    Feb 3, 2009
    Shadorwun: Hong Kong
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  2. CrustyBot Arcane Patron

    Dec 29, 2011
    Codex 2012
    Wow, this looks great.

    Picked up AoW & SM off GoG about a week ago and about to play them for the first time and I run into this.

    Thanks heaps, Kaucukovnik

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  3. The Brazilian Slaughter Arcane

    The Brazilian Slaughter
    May 11, 2007
    Belém do Pará
    Playing AOW with this, loving it. I'm still playing normal campaign, only finished with Keepers once, now I'm playing Cult.
    Oh, there seems to be a problem in one of the campaigns (I think it was Blood Valley): If you choose one side, then back out and choose any side again, the campaigns will go back to being the default AOW campaign.

    When I finish I'm going to start re-playing AOW2 because I never finished it (stopped on Death 1 because Meandor kept pwning me). This time I'm going to play on hard and Ironman my way to victory. Then I'm going to either play AOW again (unsure which path I will take Halflings-Lizards-Highmen? Halflings-Dwarves-Highmen/Undead? Goblins-Orcs-Undead?) or play one of the custom campaigns. Which one I'm still deciding, OOSK I played some previously, so I think I will play Blood Valley.

    Oh, can anyone give me tips for first Dark Elf scenario? I fought a short war against the Undead, defeated them and now I'm getting harassed by annoying Hit-and-Run tactic by the Elves, who use Valkyries + Golden Dragons against me. I can defend against Valkyries, but I got nothing that can stop a golden dragon. Also, fuckers are using lots of Nature Elementals. Oh yeah, Dark Elves suck at melee, Dark Elf swordmen and their cavalry are pathetic. Storm Priests are :love:, through. Any tips? Should I just get a ballistas + Storm Priests + Executioner army or get me a Orc city and just crank Warlords + Black Shredders FTW?

    BTW, in AOW2, anyone knows if there's any reason to play the third special phase of every sphere? When you finish the second one it liberates the next sphere. Is there any bonus if you win all special phases?
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  4. catfood AGAIN

    Aug 28, 2008
    Nirvana for mice
    Yes, you get something good for the very last mission.

    Problem is I don't remember exactly what it was.... I think you receive the best hero from each of the other spheres, but I could be wrong.
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