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Review AVault: Bard's Tale is Conventional

Sol Invictus

Oct 19, 2002
Pax Romana
Tags: Bard's Tale (2005); InXile Entertainment

<a href=http://www.avault.com>The Adrenaline Vault</a> has seen fit to <a href=http://www.avault.com/consoles/reviews/ps2/review_temp.asp?game=bardtale&page=1>review</a> inXile's first Action/RPG title for the Playstation 2 platform (and upcoming PC release) with not a lot of good to say about it, citing the game as one suffering from conventional adventure and lacklustre gameplay.
<blockquote>It’s somewhat ironic that The Bard’s Tale, which satirizes conventional medieval epics and romances, suffers from such a conventional adventure. While attempting to streamline the action-RPG experience by eliminating superfluous components, the developers inadvertently removed many of the genre’s staples, partially dulling the gameplay. As a result, it’s neither complex nor particularly inventive, but even though it could have been much more, The Bard’s Tale is a still a humorous and engaging romp through the Orkney Islands of Scotland.</blockquote>
They've given the game a verdict of <b>3 and a half stars</b>. From the looks of things, it was probably a very bad idea for <a href=http://www.inxile-entertainment.com/>inXile</a> to remove the 'superfluous' components like equipment management.

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