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Best Story Ever


Apr 12, 2015
Codex homo's and hollywood cucks call a game a "good story" with NPCs speaking a Shakespearean lexicon even in the most difficult circumstances.

We're in a post-post-post-apocalyptic world on Underrail, people eat rat meat for nothing, and even in the safest station it's easy to get your throat cut, so time is of the essence. In such harsh conditions people SHOULD speak quickly and tell what they want to say very briefly. Therefore, the dialogues and the scenario are quite realistic and exactly what I wanted. At least better than Arcanum where the Gnome with flaming arrows gushing out of her ass speaks like, "My great lord, why are you putting me in this fastidious situation"
Maybe you need more english lessons because an adjective like fastidious is not applicable to a noun like Situation

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