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Beyond All Reason (BAR) - Back to the roots of classic RTS (Total Annihilation, C&C, etc)


Jan 23, 2016
Terra Australis
There isn't a single RTS game that's come out in recent years that could catch my attention. Because quite frankly, gaming is over-saturated with SHIT. But I've now discovered what I can only describe as a diamond in the rough. An RTS for people who actually want a real RTS with base building, awesome units that are asymmetrical between factions, huge depth on how you want to strategize your offenses and defences, and a soundtrack that doesn't make you want to mute it after 5 seconds.



Build your base and defences anywhere on the map and in any way that you like. Choose what units you want to use. You can invest tons of resources into building the strongest, high tech units. Or you can opt to spread those resources into huge swarms of cheap low tech units and swarm your enemies. And that is just one example. It is a playground of chaos and it's probably unbalanced but that's half the fun of a good RTS. Oh, and did I mention you can fire ICBM's at your foes from across the map? And there's full landscape deformation as well.

The game is still in Alpha, but it's Free to download and play right now (with NO Microtransactions. There is no free 2 play model here). If you are a fan of Total Annihilation, C&C, Supreme Commander, or just about any good classic style RTS you have to give this game a look.

There might be some hope left for this trash industry after all.

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