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Information Blackguards 2 New Features Video, Part One


Waster of Time
Sep 15, 2006
Finnegan's Wake
I'm starting to find the "recentish" "discussions" on the codex really funny. Getting more generalized, irrational and intolerant from day to day. And it's not like we were all that rational and tolerant to begin with.

Anyway, I'm looking foward to BG2. Daedalic promised story-effects depending on who conquers which territory when. So this might alleviate Immortal's concerns in this regard (if they truly manage to implement it decently). Not that I think the story in BG1 was especially good or important.
Taking mercs along is the only thing that has me concerned so far. Don't really see me having fun controlling 10+ units in this type of game...
(Well, I'm also concerned about dumbing down the rule system for the low-IQ faction. I'd prefer if they simply improved what needs improving and make a more informative UI. But we already had that topic so...)

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