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Brian "The Shoemaker" Fargo

Night Goat

The Immovable Autism
No Fun Allowed
May 6, 2013
Codex 2013 Codex 2014
How can they call these "gamer shoes" when they don't even have LEDs on them?
Dec 12, 2013
It's dead.
Status: Abandoned because the applicant failed to respond or filed a late response to an Office action. To view all documents in this file, click on the Trademark Document Retrieval link at the top of this page.

The trademark application identified below was abandoned in full because a response to the Office Action mailed on Sep 17, 2016 was not received within the 6-month response period.

If the delay in filing a response was unintentional, you may file a petition to revive the application with a fee. If the abandonment of this application was due to USPTO error, you may file a request for reinstatement. Please note that a petition to revive or request for reinstatement must be received within two months from the mailing date of this notice.

And we were worried that inXile was not responding to our requests to explain their interview behavior:M


Apr 28, 2016
Another get rich quick scheme by Fargo that ultimately failed to pan out.

I don't think Fargo can distinguish between 'cool idea' and 'this will sell big bux'. In his mind, anything that he likes will inevitably be a success.

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