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Game News Colony Ship Early Access Update: New Location - Mission Control


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio

The next location to be added to the Colony Ship Early Access build is Mission Control, formerly the ship's command center and now a foreboding ruin. Vault Dweller described the area in detail back in 2018 and in the update announcement, he reveals a few of the companions the player character will be able to pick up there, which include a mutant and a robot. Both of whom were actually described in a development update dating back to 2016. All according to plan, folks.

We proudly present another important location - Mission Control ruins.

The century-old wreckage of the Ship Authority government complex that once controlled every aspect of life on the Ship.

The mutineers’ attack was months in the making, a decisive, disabling strike at the electronic heart of their world. It should have been over in less than an hour, but such things rarely go as planned. The Ship Authority was made of harder stuff than anticipated and the first assault was driven back.

In the following months of attack and counterattack, the mutineers’ failure to quickly secure the complex cost them much in lost lives and spent firepower. When forced to surrender ground, both sides adopted a policy of destroying anything not of immediate use, so as to deny it to the enemy.

Decades later, deteriorating conditions at home began to drive explorers and treasure seekers farther and farther afield, until a lucky group wandered into the fringes of that fabled battlefield. When the first news trickled back of decks littered with the technological marvels of Old Earth, the scavengers swarmed like maggots devouring a carcass.

Here the focus is on exploring the complex rather than fighting or dealing with factions. Only the first 5 levels (including the topside and mostly atmospheric General Assembly) are available in this chapter. To go deeper you'll need information and special items requiring a trip to the Habitat.

You'd meet two potential future companions here: Romeo (a riot control robot) and Knurl (a mutant you were asked to kill), plus several prominent 'divers'.

You'll be able to repair the robot (you'll need some armor plates, a gyroscope stabilizer, and a new head) in this update, but finding weapons (if you notice the robot's model doesn't have any at the moment) will be a bigger problem to solve. Energy cannons' ammo isn't easy to come by, so you might have to order some old-fashioned machine guns or supplement them with a grenade launcher.

We look forward to your feedback. Now on to the Shuttle Bay.​

As stated, only the first five levels of the dungeon are available for now, so we might not have to take on "old Beelzebub" just yet. Coming up next, the Shuttle Bay.


Oct 3, 2012
Looks really amazing but except for the combat mechanics and rpg system i don't want to read too much about it.

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