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Game News Colony Ship Early Access Update: New Location - The Habitat


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio

It took much longer to finalize than Vault Dweller and his team originally planned, but following an extended beta testing period, the Habitat update for the Colony Ship Early Access build is finally here. In case you've forgotten, the Habitat is a vast urban arcology where most of the ship's inhabitants live, including its three major factions. With this update, the game's second chapter is now complete and available to play. Altogether about 60% of its final content is now done. The update announcement has more details:

After a three-month delay, the Habitat is finally ready to be released. It's an important milestone that adds one of the most important and biggest locations to the game and marks the end of chapter 2. As of right now, 60% of the content is done.​
In the Habitat you finally get to meet the three main factions (the Brotherhood of Liberty, Church of the Elect, and Protectors of the Mission) and see what they're all about, meet the faction party members who'll join one once you're ready to proceed to the ECLSS, and learn more about the machine you found in the Armory. Unlike the Pit, the Habitat is more about diplomacy (read scheming and plotting) and setting up the playing board for future branching.​
While the current stage's content is done (you'll return to the Habitat once you're ready to deliver the machine, which will unlock new quests), we'll continue improving the visuals, adding minor conversations and expanding the existing ones throughout the development, so it will be an ongoing project. Anything you wish to see there (I assume you know by now what we can and cannot do), let us know.​
The delay forced us to re-evaluate the remaining workload and update the 'roadmap':​
End of Jul - ECLSS and the maintenance deck​
End of Oct - The Pit (chapter 3 content)​
End of Dec - Heart (the mutant town)​
End of Feb - Hydroponics (Yellow and Red Zones), Mission Control (lower levels)​
End of Apr - The Armory (level 3), Bridge and the end of chapter 3, all locations are done.​
End of Jun - Endgame (chapter 4)​
It's a safe schedule that gives plenty of time to each item. The only new locations on the list are the ECLSS, the mutant town (smaller than the Pit), and the Bridge. The other locations will be using the existing assets (and already animated creatures).​
We apologize for the delay, of the Habitat and the final release. We did our best and worked non-stop since Christmas. We hope you'll like the end result and look forward to your feedback.​

As stated, because of the unexpected delay the game's entire development roadmap has been pushed back. The final launch date is now scheduled for June 2023.

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