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Game News Colony Ship Update #49: Hydroponics and Progress Update


Iron Tower Studio
Oct 27, 2006
San Isidro, Argentina
Last I asked, VD had said that each and every encounter would be hand-tailored and there would be no "emergent" situations like roaming enemies, as in typical open world games. Has that changed?

Nope. The combat and stealth are hand crafted. Of course, while in stealth enemies will move around due to the noise you make, or have some patrol routes, but the area is limited (think infiltrating Teron's Palace). But there won't be any "have the enemies follow you to the city gates so that the guards attack them" kind of situations.

Could you also elaborate on this quote (from IT forum): "tile value calculation is quite taxing on the engine". A bit surprised about this.

Quite taxing for blueprints due to the raycasts, we will be moving it to C++ code.

Vault Dweller

Commissar, Red Star Studio
Jan 7, 2003
Has the size of the ship been determined yet? I keep thinking of the ship in Pandorum, but don't know if that's too large for you or not large enough.
I don't recall the size of that ship but going by the fact that it's a cryo ship (no need to make much room for the passengers) I assume that any generation ship would be bigger. Based on the scale we're working with it's about 3km long 500m wide.

Are there any plans to make a boxed version with feelies?
Not at the moment.

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