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Converging Pulp Science Fiction, Comic Books & Retro Pop Culture Into Computer Games

Cleveland Mark Blakemore

Golden Era Games
Übermensch Developer
Apr 22, 2008
I've had this idea in my head I have obsessed with for years on art design and general atmosphere.

I really like the comic book LOADING screen you got in the original FALLOUT and I think there were people at Interplay with the same sensibilities.

I have even thought of starting game exposition by opening the pages of a comic book.

I have meant to make a computer game with a certain PLANET OF THE APES "dying world" motif about a really interesting post-apocalyptic adventure narrative that would be as rich and as high concept as John Campbell and Philip K. Dick except in a computer game. I'm not talking about CYBERPUNK 2077 or whatever that tired crap was, either.

Truly retro and full of fun. Something like BATMAN : ARKHAM CITY in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Did this cover piece to fit into a prototype I wrote to flip through 3D pages of a comic book.

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