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Decline Cringe Challenge With Phil Moore

Cleveland Mark Blakemore

Golden Era Games
Übermensch Developer
Apr 22, 2008
"A voyage to Arcturus" is available on Tubi.

I challenge you to watch it all the way through without the cringe making your testicles retract permanently inside your body forever. You can't do it.

When people talk about the "Cultural Cringe" in Australia they are basically talking about people like Phil Moore. Once experienced it cannot be uncringed.

If you fail the first cringe test I challenge you to just watch this interview with Phil Moore through to the end.


Australians who wonder what the government does with their tax money can see here that it basically goes to delusional artsy types who have been faking it their entire lives.

It took almost 4 milliseconds after meeting Phil that I knew everything about him, more than he knows about himself. I could actually see these things in his repertoire. Unbelievable naf.

P.S. I was trying to think of what this vanity doco reminded me of and it hit me today ... the Brock Landers pseudo-doc in Boogie Nights covering the Brock Landers story.

I just see Phil Moore talking to his backers going "You don't seem to understand! We have pure gold here! You just give us the footage and we release it and you're going to get your money back! In spades!" (Sh*t ends up on Tubi, the elephant graveyard of media)
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