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Community DAC to go back up after all!


Nov 9, 2002
Monkey Island
Tags: Fallout

Dangerous lunatic <b>Killzig</b> has today secured a new domain to bridge the gap from now until he can get back onto the old duckandcover.net. The switch is actively being made and you should be able to visit www.thevats.net as soon as the Internet goblins get everything back into whack--that is, one or two days.

Basically, everything will be back to normal DAC-wise soon. Again, stop by #fallout on irc.gamesnet.net anytime for... not much, really, but there's a fair amount of obscenities on a regular basis.


Oct 22, 2002
On that note, NMA has been having a bit of troubles during peak times, mainly because Telefragged is a cluttered bitch. That is, when Telefragged isn't coming up with frequent errors. I'd really hate to see their server infrastructure.

What's even more funny is that after it was pointed out to them by Saint in how we've easily doubled the amount of traffic to their network, they remove their eXtremetracking insert.

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