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Dev Log #46: Version Release - Quality of Life Improvements


Stygian Software
Aug 18, 2010
Hey guys. Along fixing the bugs we've been working on some quality of life improvements, so without further ado here they are.

Fonts - We've replaced one of the game's fonts to improve readability and also added more size options.

Outlines - We've added character outlines which should improve visibility and make targeting somewhat easier when things are happening behind walls and other obstacles.

Inventory filters - We've replaced inventory filter combo box with icons and also regrouped item categories in a way we believe will be most practical.

Combat stats tooltips - We've added descriptions for all the different stats in the combat stats window when you mouse over them.

Combat speed settings - Combat movement and action speed can now be adjusted in the game's options.

New save system - This is strictly under the hood thing and nothing is changed regarding how and when you can save or load the game (old saves are compatible with the new version). For those advanced users - we archived the separate zone files to improve save/load performance and also got rid of the temporary current game structure on the disk and moved it to memory.

Other minor stuff

  • Critical crossbow hits now also affect elemental damage (acid, shock and incendiary) from special bolts
  • When attacking in melee from stealth, target's dodge rating will be ignored if it hasn't detected you yet
  • Added more crafting components and ammo to Deep Caverns
  • Added a few more hints to certain Deep Caverns dialogs
  • Quinton's mushroom growing room is now accessible
  • Added a number of Lower and Upper Metro areas to better connect certain places

Bug fixes

  • Critical damage modifier from items will now be properly applied to fist weapons (e.g. infused ancient rathound boots)
  • You will no longer be able to snipe down certain obstacles that were not meant to be sniped down
  • Jawbone will now correctly be considered a crossbow for the purpose of trading
  • Nicolas will no longer return from the dead to haunt you
  • Cut throat attack will no longer fail if you get detected during the attack itself (the eye wasn't read when you started performing the attack but the attack itself pushed it into red state)
  • When incendiary bombs cause a character to burn they will now properly suffer 150% of the original damage as the description says
  • You can no longer attempt to burst or rapid fire with an empty weapon
  • Fixed Jerre Franz not healing the player in certain instances
  • Fixed Fort Apogee zone security settings
  • Fixed a certain important woman not properly reacting to a player's response regarding her husband's fate
  • Fixed certain responses not appearing when speaking to the Faceless centaur near Foundry
  • Fixed being able to start the Find Blaine quest even after certain events took place
  • Silas' questline will now properly continue questline after the player pays him instead of doing his initial quests
  • Fixed a missing dialog option during Mediant Samuel's second mission
  • Fixed the unintended failing of the Kill Rathound King quest after a certain event has taken place
  • Crawlers and rathounds are now neutral to each other
  • No more free repairs from Mykola
  • Nicolas' and Olivia's quests will properly fail upon death
  • Fixed Maura's faction id not setting correctly after you've helped her
  • Accussing a certain person of comitting a murder and then initiating combat through dialogue will no longer cause the whole station to become hostile
  • Fixed the interview cutscene playing even when the player is hostile to the Tchortists; that quest will also properly fail now
  • Fixed dialogue options not appearing when asking Oskar and Lt. Stratford about a certain man
  • Fixed Arke consoles being hackable even after the player turns off the security system
  • Doppelgangers are now immune to Expose Weakness
  • All elevators should now properly notify the player when they are unpowered when used
  • Shield emitter weight will now be properly calculated when adding optional components
  • Various typos and map fixes

That's all for now. I hope you guys like the changes. As for what we'll be doing next - we'll primarily be working on more content for Underrail so stay tuned for more info on that in the coming months.


Cis-Het Oppressor
Oct 6, 2012
Roanoke, VA
Grab the Codex by the pussy
I stopped playing after I finished my post-release playthrough and haven't been paying careful attention, came here to say this:

Styg Please add an option to use the old font. I really hate the new one.

This generic hipster typewriter font might be more readable for blind old grandpas, but it's 100% less atmospheric. All I want is an option to choose between the two.


Cis-Het Oppressor
Oct 6, 2012
Roanoke, VA
Grab the Codex by the pussy
I stopped playing after I finished my post-release playthrough

We never did get a review of the game, just saying

(maybe you could do a review including Expedition after that's out)

As I mentioned at some point in the past, the notion of doing an actual review was pretty daunting considering that the majority of what I had to say was essentially already in the re-preview.

Expedition's release might be a good time for an actual new review, though.

ghostdog Blaine there were also future-proofing reasons for replacing the fonts, unfortunately the old ones had to go.

If this nasty-ass shitty hipster font is still the only option when I write my review, I'm docking an entire point from the final score.

I vaguely recall from back when I was making my release day collage graphic that Underrail's fonts are stored in a proprietary and user-unfriendly file format that can't even be viewed without software meant for developers. My hope is that Styg will make it feasible to experiment with plugging our own fonts into the game. I used to play text MUDs extensively, did some advanced scripting in MUD client software with Lua, and experimented with a wide variety of custom font sets; I've also messed around with fonts a lot over the years in the process of designing various graphics. Hell, I recreated Underrail's dot-matrix font by hand:


On top of that, I'm a calligrapher. This may seem like a minor issue to many people, but the aesthetics of the fonts used are pretty important to me.
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