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Dev Log #47: Announcing Underrail: Expedition


Apr 16, 2004
Black Angel I cannot confirm or deny any of that. What you saw was a weather balloon JPG artifact. Yup, definitely a hoax. There are no siphoner men unless you cosplay as one and there are no new siphoner-like creatures either! Maybe.

I have this weird dilemma where I want to talk about some of the nice things to come, but I should wait for devlogs to reveal them first. Or maybe Styg secretly wants me to leak things and that's why I'm "accidentally" getting XML dumps and debug logs listing tons of Expedition content even though I have no direct access to the expansion?



Sep 11, 2007
You should totally update underrail.info.tm with the leaked skills and feats, thats what Styg intended by leaking them to you.

Don't mind us, we'll just act as if we were trying to build that psi/stealth/sniper and nothing happened..

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