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Dev Log #62: Experimental Branch with Version


Stygian Software
Aug 18, 2010
Hi guys,

In preparation of the expansion release, we're releasing a new version of the base game (on which the current testing version is running on) to make sure that no major breaking bugs have been introduced.

To play experimental branch on Steam, you right click the game in your library and go to "Betas" tab. To do so on GOG, you select the game and choose More->Settings. Make sure you don't override all your live version saves just in case something goes horribly wrong.

Here are the patch notes:

  • Added the ability to speed up the game while out of combat
  • Added achievements to the GOG Galaxy version
  • Kneecap shot bleeding percentage no longer scales from perception, but base bleeding damage percentage changed to 125% (up from 75%)
  • Unarmed and fist weapon attacks now incur 140% of target's damage threshold and resistance (up from 125%)
  • Increased the damage reduction factor of resolve against neural overload
  • Resolve will now reduce the damage received from doppelgangers
  • Changed the way the burning damage stacks (in cases when it stacks) - the new burning time left equals either the time left of the existing effect or the duration of the new effect - whichever is longer; the old and the new periodic damage are adjusted so that they produce the same total damage over time; one of the major effects of this change is that you can no longer increase the amount of original damage by constantly resetting the timer
  • Separated fear effect caused by burning into a separate status effect and limited it to 2 turns regardless of how long the burning lasts (or if it's extinguished early); this will prevent the fear from lasting too long either from a long burning effect or because of the burning effect being refreshed; also this fear only occurs when a non-burning target is ignited and not when burning is being prolonged/refreshed
  • Throwing nets now last up to 2 turns (down from 3) and have a cooldown of 4 turns (up from 3)
  • Bullets have new icons
  • Increased the chance to entangle enemies when firing acid blob pistol
  • Increased the chance to freeze enemies when firing cryo blob pistols
  • Reduced the chance to ignite enemies when firing incendiary blob pistol; the total burning damage done from igniting the target will remain the same, but will be spread over more turns (one turn per each 80% of the original damage repeated)
  • Reduced the weight of chemical ammo
Nice Things
  • Containers that you opened once will now have darker labels
  • Organic enemies that die while burning will now be smoking and appear charred
  • HE grenades and some other explosions will leave temporary marks on the ground
  • Gas clouds will now fade in/out
  • New barrels
  • Fixed the bug that would allow player to cancel leveling up without being able to reattempt it
  • Fixed the problem that caused the items to take up weird positions in the filtered inventory when the player attempted to reorder them manually
  • Cut Throat no longer bypasses stun immunities
  • Corporeal Projection feat now has a proper icon (instead of using the one from Fast Metabolism)
  • Throwing knife will now again properly play impact sounds and effects
  • Fixed the bug that caused expertise to add the damage bonus for each separate mechanical damage listed for the weapon, instead of just once (you thought I'd never find out, did you?!)
  • Fixed the hole jump crash in Institute
  • Heavyweight will now always apply before Critical Power
  • Certain giant appendages can now be hit by cryokinetic orb
  • Changed the way the cryokinetic orb shards interact with the orb impact tile so now the creatures occupying the tile can also get hit by some of them
  • Punching bags will no longer bleed when you punch them
  • Global entities (those that can travel between maps) will now also have their suspicion meter drain with time
  • Incendiary chemical pistol burning effect will now stack damage with existing burning effect
  • Fixed the Nimble bug that would in certain situation give bonus movement points
  • Various minor map and dialog bugs
That's it. Let us know how you like the changes.


Jun 22, 2013
Added the ability to speed up the game while out of combat


Mar 23, 2015
Increased the damage reduction factor of resolve against neural overload

Can you add the formula for this to the tooltip (or the wiki)? Might make Mental Subversion less trash, but hard to tell.

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