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Game News Devil Whiskey released


Nov 9, 2002
Monkey Island
Tags: Devil Whiskey; Shifting Suns Studios

The <a href=http://www.devilwhiskey.com/main.html>Devil Whiskey Website</a> announced today that Devil Whiskey is now for sale on the site itself. Here's the scoop straight from <b>Geordus Wordweaver</b>:
<blockquote>Greetings and salutations fans! We are pleased to announce that the full release of Devil Whiskey is now available! Purchase for download, or pre-order the boxed edition, and download the game today! Check out our Goods page to order the download version or pre-purchase your boxed copy of Devil Whiskey - the boxed edition will ship as soon as we have enough sales to cover the production costs.
The fact that the game is now available doesn't mean we're done - we'll continue providing updates, patches, bug fixes, and soon the promised toolkit for adding your own game content! We're dedicated to providing a quality experience for all of our fans. As always, questions and concerns are welcome.</blockquote>
So if you've been waiting for your chance to grab a copy of this <i>Bard's Tale</i>-inspired RPG, go and buy it!
Spotted at <a href="http://www.rpgdot.com">RPGDot</a>

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