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Information Divinity: Original Sin Update #17: Maxos Speaks + New Rewards + Kirill Pokrovsky Performs Live

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Jan 27, 2010
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Tags: Divinity: Original Sin; Kirill Pokrovsky; Larian Studios

With only 8 days left on the clock and some distance to cover still until the next stretch goal, the Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter campaign received endorsement from an unexpected source today!

Maxos - The man who can teach you how to become a dragon!

Major rewards update

We added a number of new reward tiers today, and also added some extra goodies to existing reward tiers. Don't worry, nothing was removed. On the contrary, chances are high that you received some free extras.
  • Dragon Commander: If you pledge more than 95$, you by default receive a digital version of Divinity: Dragon Commander.
  • Kickstarter badge/credits: If you pledge more than 25$, you by default receive a Kickstarter badge on the Larian forums. You are also included in the credits as a backer.
  • Dragon badge/credits: If you pledge more than 95$, you by default receive a Dragon badge on the Larian forums. You are also included in the credits at Dragon level.
  • Weresheep badge/credits: If you add 6$ to your pledge at any tier, you will receive a Weresheep badge on the Larian forums. You will also be mentioned in the credits as a Weresheep and might even have a surprise in the game! You'll also receive... a hint.
A number of new all digital reward tiers were added today. They are present in the sidebar at the 95$, 135$, 150$ and 200$ level.

Because we cannot modify existing tiers in the sidebar anymore, we made a visual overview of what the changes mean for all the other rewards.​

To view the new chart, read the update in full.

Also, Kirill Pokrovsky will be performing live today, Thursday, April 18th, at 19h GMT+1 (19:00 Brussels - 18:00 London - 13:00 New York - 10:00 San Francisco - 21:00 Moscow); watch the stream at http://www.divinityoriginalsin.com/

And by the way, RPGWatch's Divinity: Original Sin fundraiser has almost beaten ours... To arms!

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