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Game News Druidstone Dev Update #2: Summer Progress Report


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Ctrl Alt Ninja; Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest

Druidstone has a new development update - a proper official one this time. According to the update, the game is taking shape rapidly, with its first act already playable from beginning to end. The game's transformation from "procedurally generated roguelike" to something more conventionally story-driven is continuing. For example, it now has multiple main characters, which you can view in the update's accompanying screenshot:

Hullo fellow druidsters! It’s time for another Dev update. As always, we’ve been busy with the game getting a lot of stuff done. We’re giving a last push before the well earned summer vacation time, so it will be a bit more quiet in the Druidstone’s forest during July.

In the last Dev update, we told that we started working the game synopsis into a script and that we also split the game into acts. The acts will help pacing the game, but they can also help the development: We can focus on them one at a time as they are sort of isolated entities and each has its own theme going on. We’ll do a pass on all of them to get the basic structure of the game complete with the story and gameplay elements blocked in. After that it’s an iteration after iteration until the game is done. Past couple of weeks we’ve been working on Act 1 and it’s pretty much playable right through. Of course it still needs a lot of polishing and balancing but it’s already really fun to play. We get to meet new party members, monsters and at the end explore the smoke scented Blimmur cave.

We’ve also done a major overhaul to GUI (that’s the Graphical User Interface) to make it work with the newly introduced party concept. The coders have been also hard at work making the GUI scalable and functional in every way. The GUI most probably will go through many changes and iterations in the future, but that’s business as usual. We’ve also tweaked the main character/s quite a bit. Well, number one: we’ve done two more main characters alongside our Druid. And two: As we added “cinematic” cameras to the game (a zoom or pan to frame a character that is doing something interesting), the characters need to hold up the closeups, so they needed an extra layer of detail as they were initially designed to be only looked at from top down perspective. Though it was a lot of work, it really helps bring the party members alive and show their different characteristics. Don’t worry, we’ll introduce the new party members in some other post.

Like stated on the last Dev update, the new party concept spawned various issues related to the dying mechanism and reincarnation concept, so there’s been a lot of thought and work put on them. Most of the problems concerned characters involved in story elements, but we’re drawing close to a solution that we’re happy with. We’ll cover that in a later post in more detail as it’s still work in progress and too big subject to discuss here in detail.

That highlights some of the things we’ve been up to lately. We’re off to summer vacation, see you back in August! Cheers!
That's right, this game has "cinematic cameras" now. At this rate they'll be talking about dialogue trees by September!


Will definitely buy. Third most anticipated rpg after Pathfinder Kingmaker, The New World. Fourth is Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

It's actually pretty easy to tell whether rpg will be good or bad just by looking at screens.
If they have style that means that developers have taste, and if developers have taste - it will spread not only on visuals, but also on story and game systems.

Druidstone style is simple yet refined. I can already tell that it will have turn-based combat just based on that visual information without having tor read anything about the game.
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May 26, 2017
At least this is a proper RPG not like the grid-dancing simulators.

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