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Game News Fund this project to receive a superextreme immersive and original experience.


Professional Throne Sitter
Staff Member
Jun 18, 2002
Tags: prosper; Ungame

Once upon a time, we brought news of a prosperous adventure. Well, that went nowhere but this time this will be different! Here's the whole lot because it's likely to be pulled:

My many talents cover almost all of the game development process. Fund my project to receive a superextreme immersive and original experience. No punches pulled.

Escape from Population Earth is about a bro forced into homelessness due to the mitigating circumstance of human sensitivity and overzealous authorities. His hate for society being his only reason to live he learns the ways of the street among other things while having to get over his agoraphobia.

Travelling through all sections of his country he learns to embrace total abandonment and solitude to turn his life around in riotous way.

Cautious and diligent, Jrah the bro invents his own secret underground to reintegrate himself into the system that threw him away. Stocked with inventions he gathered from insights of his hallucinations and imagination.

If Escape from Population Earth is successfully funded you can play as Jrah through prison, through countryside, and many other settings as he explores all of what one day may be his own.

The game will be made using the Irrlicht Engine. Your camera(s) will be first person/third person. Available for platforms: Linux and Windows.

Subgoal A
@5,000 USD.
I reveal more about the setting and plot. I will release momentous artwork.

Subgoal B
@7,500 USD
Key gameplay like combat and player mechanics will be revealed in the form of text documents and other media.

Subgoal C
@10,000 USD
A vision document will be released and a forum will be opened up for feedback and suggestions about the game.

Subgoal D
@15,000 USD
A couple of immersive demos will be released. ( 1-2 months after )​



Codex Staff
Staff Member
Oct 21, 2002
Codex USB, 2014
that's a cool story you got there prosper.
I wish thee luck.

but you're not getting any money from me.

St. Toxic

Jun 9, 2006
Yemen / India
I wouldn't mind seeing him actually polish and finish a game. It'd be utter garbage, but maybe it'd be garbage in a good way.


Cowboy Moment

Feb 8, 2011
Eh, I've seen worse crowdfunding pitches. All he needs is a youtube celebrity to tweet about him, and he immediately reaches all his stretch goals.

Make it happen, J_C!


Mar 2, 2012
Codex 2012 Codex 2013 Serpent in the Staglands Codex USB, 2014
Who the fuck forked over 100$? :eek:
You know how beggars sometimes put a few starter coins in their hat to entice people to also contribute? This is that.
You mean Prosper actually has a 100$ on himself? :eek:

He sold some artwork to the Prey 3 team.

Bethesda also owes him royalties.



May 1, 2009
this sounds interesting...if he could pull off a chrono trigger vibe and look i'd be down to donate some lunch money.

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