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Vapourware "Gakara" - browser-based dungeon thing

Discussion in 'Blackspace' started by DarkUnderlord, May 3, 2013.

  1. DarkUnderlord Professional Throne Sitter

    Jun 18, 2002
    This was my first attempt at an online browser-based game type thing. As is usual, I needlessly over-complicated it to the point where it became a mammoth effort that only worked smoothly on a localhost (shit took too long to load online).


    Called "Gakara" after a random string of letters that sounded like it might be something unique, it was based on Urban Dead and Shartak. Simply you are a character and you click on the squares around you to move there. Features included mining the terrain and carving out your own home underground. Building things to put it your home and of course fighting packs of monsters.

    The monsters were going to be a mix of AI (though how that would work in a browser-based game I hadn't worked out yet) and players choosing to play as monsters. You can see above how I needlessly over-complicated combat. You wouldn't just "attack". You would have multiple weapons available to attack with, those weapons all had different types of attacks - and you could choose which part of the body to aim at.

    Where you aimed would of course then be offset by the armour that person specifically had at that point (try and shoot them in the head if they're not wearing any head protection, for example).


    Here I get even more complicated. Actually making this work was a bitch (mad JavaScript hax) but also meant it ran really fucking slow. Every item could be specifically transferred. And I do mean every item. As in if you had 100 arrows, you could transfer a specific arrow. While items showed as stacked in your inventory, items would take damage - so you could transfer just the damaged one or sell the good one.

    In the bottom screenshot above, you can even see how weapons were going to have different types of damage.


    This was one of the in-game books you'd be able to find. Or even write yourself.

    I had a whole bunch of other concepts too. Casting spells would be done by pointing at your target and then "saying" things in the text area (I figured a player would eventually make a javascript thing that would auto do that for you though - kind of negating the point). And the wound system wasn't going to be pure "Hit Points". You would crack and break limbs and characters with special Doctor skills would be needed to treat those injuries, reset arms and so on. So you couldn't just chug a health potion and be done with it.

    Eventually I realised the whole concept was too complicated for an online game, simply due to speed of loading shit and the grunt that would be needed to run it online, so I simplified it all into a space game and Blackspace was born.
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  2. Baron Arcane

    Jul 10, 2010
    You got further than Cleve it seems.
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  3. Frian Bargo Kosmonaut's Alt

    Mar 20, 2012
    Why not complete it and release it as a downloadable game, even if it is playable in a browser?
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