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Preview Game Girl's take a Spank at Death


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Jun 18, 2002
Tags: DeathSpank

Ron Gilbert's DeathSpank gets a <a href="http://gamegirl.blogfaction.com/article/110665/first-look-at-ron-gilberts-deathspank/">peek over at GameGirl</a>:
<blockquote>When I first glanced upon this game on the PAX exhibition floor, I first noticed the unique art style. The world is a forced 3-Dimensional rolling surface with everything populating it on 2-Dimensional planes. It gives the viewer the feeling of playing a pop up book that's sitting on a constantly turning wheel. The textures all resemble water color illustrations which really make locations in the world stand out.
The action adventure elements of the game play are all blended together masterfully which makes a rich experience for all. Players will have full customization over gear, spells, and abilities. You have the standard killing beasts and collecting loot with melee and ranged attacks. The game also features an ability system that gives you full control over special moves (one example being a flurry of chickens being shot directly from Deathspank's arm). There are also plenty of sidequests that are completely optional, and undeniably funny. The game play is a seamless blend of genres integrated for an amazing fresh experience.</blockquote>
Is a bit short.
Spotted @ <a href="http://www.gamebanshee.com">GameBanshee</a>

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