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Preview GameSpot previews Restricted Area

Vault Dweller

Commissar, Red Star Studio
Jan 7, 2003
Tags: Master Creating; Restricted Area

<a href=http://www.gamespot.com>GameSpot</a> has posted a <a href=http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/restrictedarea/preview_6116588.html>preview</a> of <a href=http://www.ra2083.com/>Restricted Area</a>, a cyberpunk action RPG.
<blockquote>You start in one of the urban areas of the game, where you can run around and interact with non-player characters so you can obtain information or services. One NPC may offer you a mission while another may sell you cyberware (enhanced body parts and implants). Meanwhile, others will offer to join your party--for a fee. Each NPC has a dialogue tree that will adapt to the situation and to your past actions.
After you get a mission, you can then travel around the world map by procuring transport and clicking on the sectors where you want to go. The game randomly generates maps and environments, so no two games should play out the same. When you get to your destination, Restricted Area feels very much like Diablo in terms of combat and pacing. You walk around the level, blasting away at everything that comes after you. At your disposal is an arsenal of firearms, ranging from pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, and assault rifles, though they're all fairly generic, so don't expect to see any particular weapons, such as an M16 or an MP5 submachine gun. You don't need to worry about ammunition, either, as you have an unlimited supply for your small arms.</blockquote>
Dialogue trees that reflect situations and actions sure sound good.


Nov 3, 2002
Tech Bro Hell
I would really like this to be a good game, but I gotta say the gameplay sounds pretty un-appealing...

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