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Gesture VR on Steam


Dec 16, 2019
A life drawing app that allows you to sketch 3d models. I have taken life drawing courses and this is pretty similar. If you are interested in figure drawing, I can recommend it for learning gesture drawing. Finding good 2d nudes for figure drawing is itself a challenge, and being able to draw while seeing the model in 3d is an important skill you can't get by drawing from photos. The drawing mechanics are more intuitive than Vermillion, if you've used that, but it is still hard to do anything detailed, so it works best for gesture. The scan quality is just okay, imo, but good enough. You can adjust the light source and model orientation so you have virtually endless poses to work with.

I post it here because it was just released on Steam, but because of the nude models, it is considered adult content by Steam and so you can only find it if you are logged in and have added that permission. It deserves to be seen by more people. As a final note, the Oculus store version has one advantage over the Steam version, which is a pass-through mode that allows you to draw on actual paper. Passthrough kind of sucks on the Quest 2, so its hard to see your drawing very clearly, but that might be important for some, and as the creator points out on the Discord, Quest 3 passthrough will probably be better.



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